Who are we?

We are a matrimonial service created by our founder and marriage guru Azad Chaiwala. We set up this service as we strongly believe it is needed in our decaying society. We care strongly about family and wish to bring together like minded people and set them up for what we hope is a long and successful marriage.

If you have any concerns or recommendations we would gladly welcome them. We are a new service so please if you have any issues with the website please let us know. We hope you are responsible when using this service and hope that you find success.

Before you start

You must understand this service is for people seeking long term marriages. We do not invite people who are unsure or are just looking to date or meet new people.

Why choose us?

Gomarry.com is only for people who are serious about family and marriage. We have built a custom matching system that checks your compatibility with other people and we believe is the best available.

We aim to help out those who wish to get married in the most decent and respectful manner. We have invested a lot of time and money into this project and we strongly believe in it.